Laundry Liquid - Non Bio (Blue) 10Ltr

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Laundry Liquid non bio is a high performance laundry detergent for use in professional auto-dose programmes and hand washing. Laundry liquid is excellent at removing stains and insuring the continued brightness of colours. Laundry Liquid is suitable for use in all types of commercial and domestic washing machines in both soft and hard water conditions and is effective in hot, warm and low temperature washes. Laundry Liquid is a fully built high performance laundry detergent, formulated to combat protein stains on all types of linen including cottons, polyester and synthetic fibres. With built in optical brightener to make whites look even whiter. Highly fragranced to give washed laundry that fresh clean smell. Laundry Liquid is ideal for automatic dosing into laundry machines and also suitable for hand washing. It is effective at low temperatures and is safe to use on mixed colour washes.

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