Clinical Waste



The Environment Agency specify that all healthcare wastes should be separately collected. Whether you require a basic service to collect and dispose of nappies or incontinence (offensive) wastes or controlled destruction of hazardous infectious clinical waste, sharps or medicines, Trust Hygiene is a registered carrier providing secure incineration, deep landfill or treatment and recycling. Collections may be from a simple external wheeled bin to a comprehensive healthcare waste service utilising ADR trained drivers.

  • As a registered waste carrier Trust Hygiene can provide a comprehensive waste management solution to your business.
  • Using the latest paperless technology reduces our impact on the environment while delivering instantaneous live data so our clients can relax knowing we have completed our service on time and to the required standard. This helps us provide a better service to our clients and proactively handle any problems.
  • At our core, we believe in providing a service using our own systems and employees. Unlike many operators who utilise sub contracted waste carriers that under perform on consistency and customer satisfaction, Trust Hygiene takes control of every element so you get the best service available.
  • Collections include waste produced from the healthcare sector including Tiger Bags, Orange/Yellow bag waste. Our professionally trained operatives also collect specialised waste including Pharmaceutical, Sharps removal, and many categories of Hazardous waste.
  • We work with a significant number of businesses from the dental/veterinary sector removing all categories of waste streams. From amalgam, study models (gypsum) to leads foils and orange bags, we have a total waste management solution. As a registered waste carrier we employ only ADR & CRB checked operatives to handle the transport and disposal of these specialist waste streams.
  • Trust Hygiene provides a service that is fully automated and tailored to your business needs.
  • Our expert and friendly team will help you understand what is required by law to recommend the most cost effective solution to remove waste from your business.
  • We provide free on site staff training to ensure total compliance with the latest legislation and your obligations for duty of care as a waste producer.
  • We are a member of the SMDSA working at the forefront of the waste industry to deliver the best possible service to our clients while sustaining key environmental principles.
  • We provide a unique wheelie bin liner service that not only removes the need to re-bag split waste but conveniently troubleshoots any problems that may occur at point of collection. Our trained operative will also deodorise the wheelie bin on each visit to deliver the best standards in hygiene and convenience. We can improve the image of your business and ensure you are totally compliant with your duty of care.
  • We have one of the largest fleet of waste collection vehicles in the Midlands to ensure our clients receive a first class service.

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